Anza Borrego desert sunset

Neha Patel

Full Stack Web Developer

About Me

I'm a Web Developer and Molecular Biologist with skills in problem-solving, experimental design, cross-functional collaboration, mentoring, and leadership. I'm also a wildflower nerd, and love to take pictures of spring blooms.

Image of me, Neha

Skill Set


Wildfire Watch app screenshot

Wildfire Watch

A progressive web app to notify users via SMS and/or email of wildfires within the specified radius of the input location.

SASS | JavaScript | React.js | Node.js | Express | Postgres | Firebase | Mapbox | Twilio | Supertest/jest | Cypress

Contributions: Frontend functionality and styling, Firebase authorization, Cypress testing, backend RESTful API.

The Egg-cellent Adventure game screenshot

The Egg-cellent Adventure

A multi-use dungeon game web application by Team Egg!

JavaScript | React.js | Redux | Material UI | Django

Contributions: Frontend using React, Redux for state management, and Material UI for styling.

Deforestation Dashboard screenshot

Deforestation Dashboard

A web application that displays choropleth maps of land area covered by forest in 212 countries in each year between 1990 and 2016.

Javascript | React.js | Context API | Node.js | Express

Contributions: Authorized route with React router and JWT, and state management with Context API and hooks.